Quick Response Janitorial Services specializes in commercial window cleaning for a variety of business office buildings. Hiring an experienced and insured company is critical due to the potentially dangerous heights.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services Houston TX

With safety and employee training being a top priority, our team in ready to take care of all your window needs. Taking care of both the interior and exterior windows, our affordable window services takes the stress off of you.

Our special mixture of wash and wax formula leaves windows remarkably clean and safe from outside elements. The specialized formula is made to repel dust, pollen, and permanent water spots. Failing to clean your windows on a regular basis will lead to permanent water spots which damage your glass.

Depending on your window needs, cleaning can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. When working with our window cleaning specialists, your windows are guaranteed to stay cleaner longer.

Service Area

We serve not just Houston, TX but also all the surrounding areas. Check out our service area and don’t hesitate give us a call even if your business is outside of that area.