Quick Response Janitorial Services provides full spectrum of janitorial services to Houston area as well as to the entire Texas. Below are some of our main services we provide.

#1 Commercial Cleaning

Commercial CleaningWe send only trained janitors to do a thorough cleaning job in time-efficient manners. Quick Response Janitorial Services has years of experiences to ensure hygiene in commercial buildings of all types. Serving all across greater Houston area, we are proud to bring clean healthy environment to help spin your economic wheels.

#2 Offices Cleaning

Office CleaningCleanliness and hygiene in your work environment improve productivity. We’re determined to deliver the promise of a better conducive workplace through professional cleaning service. Our proficient cleaning service does its job without interfering with your daily business conducts. All cleaning tasks are handled with high standard of professionalism.

#3 Industrial Cleaning

Industrial CleaningWe like to consider ourselves the reinforcement for clean manufacturing process of every industry of all levels. Unlike other types of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities require more extensive preparation and intensive cleaning process. Our company delivers by sending professionals with their heavy-duty cleaning equipment to get rid of heavy-duty impurities.

#4 Healthcare Facilities Cleaning

Healthcare Facilities CleaningIf there is one thing that we understand too well is that heath and cleanliness are inseparable. Quick Response Janitorial Services takes responsibilities for workplace inspections and sanitation approach determined afterwards. Filled with qualified professionals, we are encouraged to play a role in improving sanitary practices in health facilities across Boston.

#5 Educational Facilities Cleaning

Educational Facilities CleaningWe believe that good education starts from clean and healthy environment. With so many activities and research performed in schools and universities, it is crucial to maintain high standard of hygiene. Quick Response Janitorial Services has what it takes to deliver in-depth cleaning services to educational facilities regardless of size.

#6 Post Construction Clean Up

Post Construction Clean UpConstruction sites are bound to get dirty. In worst case scenario, the sites can be potentially dangerous as well. Backed with 15 years of experiences, Quick Response Janitorial Services ensures the cleanliness of construction sites during and post project. We can work closely with general contractors to set schedules and get the job done in time.

#7 Emergency Clean Up

Emergency Clean UpIn times of emergency during natural disasters, minimizing the damage to properties is of the essence. We provide emergency services 24/7/365 for businesses and homeowners to help mitigate property damage. Natural disasters are almost inevitable throughout life, but it is possible to diminish their effects through proper cleaning.

#8 Day Porter

Day PorterIn many cases, the best way to stay clean and healthy is to address every single small sanitary issue on daily basis. Every part of your establishments is exposed to dirt and debris due to everyday usage by both customers and employees. Quick Response Janitorial Services hires only trained Day Porters to monitor and clean your establishments thoroughly.

#9 Specialty Commercial Floor Care

Specialty Commercial Floor CareNot every type of floor can handle all kinds of everyday wear and tear. Proper cleaning procedures make sure the floors stay intact for decades. Specific flooring also requires specific treatments to maintain its good looks and durability factor. Quick Response Janitorial Services provides all range of floor cleaning and maintenance services for VCT, Hardwood, Stones, Concrete, and Laminate.

#10 Window Cleaning

Window CleaningWhile window cleaning sometimes appear to be a simple job, it requires intensive training on safety and efficiency. Particularly for the exterior windows of multistory building, extra precautionary measures must be implemented in good order. Quick Janitorial Response is determined to ensure workers safety without sacrificing efficiency throughout the window cleaning process.

#11 Landscaping

LandscapingOne of the main purposes of landscaping is to provide greener atmosphere in your establishments. With a landscape, however, comes the responsibility to take good care of all the living elements that support its existence. Quick Response Janitorial Services handles design & installation, fertilizing, tree trimming, hardscapes, irrigation, lighting, and more.

#12 Pressure Washing

Pressure WashingAll business establishments require periodic in-depth cleaning to keep on grabbing customers’ attentions. However, sometimes dirt and debris are just too stubborn to go away with standard cleaning procedures. Professional pressure washing is an effective method to achieve spotless appearance from all angles. Equipped with professional-grade tools and environment-friendly cleaning solutions, we deliver unmistakable performance.

#13 Events Setup

Events SetupOne of the most challenging time in cleaning services is during transition between special events, whether public or private. It takes a lot of hard work to make sure that every area of the site is clean and immediately ready to use between each event. With trained onsite crews, Quick Response Janitorial Services is always ready at your service.

#14 Exterior Building Cleaning

Exterior Building CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning services for commercial properties, we believe that first impressions play major factor to welcome customers. Building exterior is the first thing customers see, and we intend to make it spotless from every angle. Quick Response Janitorial Services assigns multiple crews to cover all sides of the building including the ground.

#15 Building Maintenance

Building MaintenanceCleanliness is important, but it means almost next to nothing if the facilities provided inside your building is non-functional. In addition to our complete range of cleaning services, Quick Response Janitorial Services offers all-in-one building maintenance services as well. We cover the all the basics including but not limited to HVAC, plumbing, kitchen, refrigeration, and masonry.

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