Quick Response Janitorial Services is committed to promoting environmental stewardship. Offering a variety of Green Cleaning Solutions give many of our clients a healthy cleaning option they never had. Recognizing the importance of green cleaning, we continuously evaluate our operational tasks to implement sustainable methods. Eco friendly cleaning technology also adds an extra dimension to our Green Janitorial Services.

Green Policy and Objectives

There are a number of environmentally friendly practices that we promote within our business and on location. These objectives include providing superior quality and low cost services while minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • Promote reduction in air pollution, water pollution, and overall climate change.
  • Decrease health risks associated with allergies, chemical sensitivity, contaminants, and other bacteria.
  • Improve working conditions, lift employee spirits, and promote employee productivity.
  • Reduce costs to building management companies and tenants associated with sick leave and efficiency loss.
  • Develop a desirable business trait and positive reputation among our community