6 Step Checklist to a Satisfying Post Construction Clean Up Job of Your New Houston Custom Home

The jitters you get on learning that your custom home construction project has come to a successful end is just phenomenal. It is a confirmation that the toughest part is over and that you’re finally on your way to achieving your dreams.

Post Construction Cleaning Services Houston TX

However, a good assessment of the site will tell you that a short detour is necessary. It’s time for a good old post construction cleanup. Most contractors do take it upon themselves to cleaning a newly built house once they are done, said president of Custom Home Builders division at national home improvement magazine Youthful Home.

But their services rarely go as far as dusting, scrubbing, and polishing. That’s where you step in. Of course, you can do this yourself if you’re a DIY fan. But for those of you who don’t have the time, don’t worry.

Houston, Texas has some of the best post construction cleaning service companies out there. So, before you decide whether you want to DIY or outsource to the experts, let this divine checklist of cleaning activities help you weigh your options.

#1 Get Down for Some Pick-Up Work

From nails, screws, and bolts to strips of tape to plastic sheets to rags: all will be scattered around your new property. You will need to pick them all and drop them into the nearest bin.

#2 Put the Shine on the Floors

Do a thorough inspection of the floors and make sure there are no scratches there. If all is good, then you’re clear to start with the sweeping, mopping and polishing. If there’s damage, you may need to get those parts fixed first.

#3 Breathe Life into the Walls

Check the baseboards and walls for any damage and dirt smudges. Minor repairs and paint jobs may be necessary in cases that need some patching up. Once you’re done, give the walls a nice cleanup job.

#4 Restore Class to the Glass

Give the mirrors and glass windows a good shine using special glass-cleaning detergents. This will help you get rid of all the dust and smudges left behind by the construction guys. A good polish finish with a dry cloth will do wonders.

#5 Dust up the Closets

The closets accumulate plenty of dust during construction so you will need to restore their sparkle. Be careful with wooden parts if you choose to use water though. A soft-bristled brush is great for getting rid of dust stuck in tight places like slide-door railings.

#6 Clear the Exteriors

From the driveway to the walkway, to the garden to the porch: it all needs to be spotless. A good sweeping across walkways and raking in the garden could be enough to get rid of any debris left over from the construction works.

As you can see, this isn’t exactly rocket science and anyone can pull it off with the right basic equipment. However, for those of you who would prefer perfection or simply don’t have the time, Quick Response Janitorial Services is here for you to help.