3 Steps To Keep Your Marble Floors Clean, Bright, and Shining in Houston TX

Marble flooring is quite popular nowadays. It is an amazing choice that complements any kitchen or commercial building thanks to its wonderful style and elegance. Also, it is durable. It is necessary to know how to clean these types of floors. This is because it is delicate and it stains easily. In this post, you will learn cleaning marble floors tips that are proven to work.

#1 Preventive care

Cleaning marble floors begins with regular maintenance and preventive care. Dusting, polishing, mopping, and sweeping daily will eliminate any surface debris or dirt, which could harm or otherwise scratch your marble floor.

The good thing about preventive maintenance is that it can reduce both buildups of grime and dirt and avoid the risk of scratching the floor. For instance, placing a floor mat at the entrance will protect your marble flooring from catching dust, small stones, and dirt.

There is a need to take care of spills whenever they occur so that they do not stain your floor. Since marble is sensitive to acidic solutions, ensure you use a cleaning solution with a neutral pH.

#2 Tackling scuff marks and dirt

Spot cleaning your marble flooring includes removing scuff marks and obvious dirt. Start by applying a mild liquid soap with a neutral pH. Use a soft microfiber cloth and some cold, clean water.

You should first test your products on a small area first, before using it on a large scale. Once the mark or stain has disappeared, you can buff it with a dry cloth and bring up the shine.

#3 Use appropriate cleaning products

You should check the safety guidelines and instructions on any particular product you want to purchase. Since marble is a natural product, you should be aware of items that cannot be used. It is advisable to use professional scrubbing machine to avoid damage of your floor. In case you decide to get such machine to maintain your floors, make sure to read this detailed guide on how to select the right commercial-grade walk behind floor scrubbing machine.

The following are types of cleaning products you should avoid:

  • Conventional cleaning products – ensure you only use special marble cleaners.
  • Acidic or alkaline solutions such as vinegar – they will diminish the shiny appearance of marble.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners – they make marble appear dull.
  • Rough cloths – they scour the floor.
  • Vacuum cleaners – they have hoses and wheels that can scratch the floor.

It is important to note that cleaning marble floor is not time-consuming when you follow the above tips. It is true your marble floor require extra care. It is your duty as a business or homeowner to ensure it looks shiny and beautiful.